Lounge suite cleaning

Upholstery cleaning price list !!

Fixed seat & back cushions $20 per seating position. Fixed back cushion & loose seat cushions $25 per seating position. Loose seat & back cushions $30 per seating position. Leather lounge suite $30 per seating position. Car seats $20 per seating position                                                                                                                                           Min charge is $65. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I was in the upholstery industry for 20 years, As an upholsterer so have a lot of experience with all types of fabrics.Its so important to get upholstery cleaned to stop it from tearing and ripping. Leather lounges must be cleaned at least once per year and conditioned at least twice per year. Upholstery Cleaning is just as important as getting your carpets cleaned. Children & pets are quite harsh on furniture and can make upholstery very dirty. Upholstery fabric is less durable then carpet so should be cleaned more often, twice a year to prevent staining. All cotton covered lounge suites should have fabric protection, to prevent staining as cotton is a very open weave. This is great to keep cool, however not so good to stay clean. The fabric protection fills the weave so spills run off, and this helps to prevent staining. Fabrics such as micro suede. Do not need fabric protection, as the weave is so tight dirt and drinks sit on top. And does not get in to the weave like it does on cotton. Straight-up Carpet Cleaning is one of the most trusted upholstery cleaning businesses in Brisbane, Logan and Redlands relies on for quality and dependability. We are proud to provide the best furniture cleaning services in the Brisbane, Logan and Redlands for both residential and commercial customers. When you want your to look as good as new again , there is no better business to contact than Straight-up Carpet Cleaning. As one of the leading upholstery cleaning businesses Brisbane, Logan and Redlands homes and offices rely on, we offer complete care and service to fully restore your upholstery. Whether you need spot cleaning in one area or an entire living room of upholstered furniture thoroughly cleaned, we can provide you with outstanding results.