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At Straight-up carpet cleaning , we offer a number of reasons why you should pick up the phone and call Darren for a free quote to clean your carpets. Professional Technician I have years of experience which means that you get complete, thorough cleaning job performed on your carpets. After we are through, will walk with you through the home or office to ensure that the job has been completed to your satisfaction.

Safe Cleaning Solutions. We pride ourselves in using safe , environmentally healthy cleaning products which help protect those who occupy the home or office as well as do complete job in cleaning your carpets.

Prompt Service . We will arrive on time and ready to go when it comes to the task at hand. We work with you so that any disruption is minimal while doing a complete job of cleaning. Our goal is to offer complete cleaning service when it comes to your carpets while getting the job done as quickly as possible .We offer low , competitive prices because we understand that the way to build a business is to demonstrate to you that are services are more worth the price. We want you to be our customer , so that's why our prices are designed to fit within your budget while doing the best cleaning service for your carpets, upholstery and rugs. Please call Darren mob 0402 199 590 today and find out why more people are choosing Straight-up Carpet Cleaning.

Was in the upholstery trade as an upholster for 20 years so have a lot of experience with fabric and fibres.

*All my  Work is Fully Guaranteed  *Real Estate Recommended  *Full Public Liability *Fully Insured

*Honest Reliable Carpet Cleaning Technician *Top Quality Equipment *Top Quality Products *

*Powerful Truck Mount  Machine . Carbonated steam cleaning is air mixed with hot water that lifts dirt and helps the drying times. A top quality machine is always important - HOWEVER - a well trained Carpet Cleaning Technician is far more important.  We use low water pressure hi heat and strong vacuum.

*Our method of carpet cleaning is carbonated hot water extraction (steam cleaning). We are one of Logans, Redlands, Brisbane. Most reliable and best carpet cleaning business. We use water based, non-toxic safe products . We always use a fibre rinse as we clean which leaves your carpet nice and soft and also helps the carpet dry quicker. This keeps the PH level correct for natural fibres - such as wool.

We clean fabric, leather and micro suede. Micro suede and Fabric is cleaned with hot water extraction (steam cleaning), we also use a fine fibre rinse to make sure it leaves your fabric nice and soft. Leather is cleaned by hand and then conditioned to stop cracking and to put the oils back into the natural hide.

We can also use own water please let us know when booking. So I can make sure tanks are full.

We have provided these tips to aid you in keeping your carpets in good condition.

Do it yourself Tips

Blood removal, cold water in a spray bottle, on stream setting spray directly into carpet then blot with wet cloth.

First, blot or scrape up the excess of any spill. Be sure to preset the removal method on an area of fabric or carpet that cannot be seen. Then proceed with the spot cleaning outline below for individual stains.

Butter, Cooking Oil, Crayon, Hand Lotion, Mascara, Shoe Polish, Tar :

Gently apply a commercial solvent and blot carefully to absorb all the spill. Then apply a mild detergent solution. Blot up excess again. Then wipe gently with a cloth soaked with water and blot dry.

 Tomato sauce, Chocolate, Mud, Egg, Ice Cream, Mayonnaise, Milk, Soy Sauce :
Apply a mild detergent solution. Blot to absorb the excess. Apply a small amount of ammonia and blot again. Then repeat this time with a mild detergent and blot again. Wipe gently with cloth soaked with water and blot dry.

Beer, Berries, Candy, Coffee, Fruit Juices, Mixed Drinks, Soft Drinks, Wine :
Apply a mild detergent solution. Blot to absorb the excess. Apply a small amount of vinegar and the detergent once again. Blot. Then wipe gently with a cloth soaked with water and blot dry. If none of the recommended steps work, you might wish to enlist the services of an expert. Be aware that do-it-yourself cleaning efforts might render the stain difficult for even an expert to remove.


  1. Carpets is installed on the floor
  2. Because of the gravity, things fall down to the floor and collect on the carpet, which serves as a sink. In addition, carpets acts like a filter and collects airborne contaminants.
  3. Soil, bacteria, allergens, pollutant and dust make up these things that fall onto and collect in the carpet.
  4. Soiled carpet looks bad, is not healthy and has a greater tendency to wear faster and pack and mat more quickly.
  5. Your carpet must be cleaned or emptied of its contents i.e. the soil bacteria, allergens, pollutants and dust must be cleaned out.
  6. Our first priority in cleaning is to make the carpet healthier and secondly to improve its appearance.
  7. Hot water extraction cleaning consists of pre-spray cleaning solution application, the injection under pressure of hot water soluble cleaning solution into carpet followed by an immediate powerful vacuum extraction.
  8. Hot water extraction cleaning applies four different indoor air pollution reduction principles to reduce contamination.
  9. Hot water extraction cleaning refreshes the texture of carpeting.
  10. Carpet that has been properly cleaned by hot water extraction will dry within  3 -7 hours under most environmental conditions.
  11. Hot water extraction, properly performed, does not cause seam separation, mildew, rotting shrinkage, browning, rapid re-soiling, nor does it set stains permanently.
  12. Hot water extraction cleaning is recognized by all fibre producers and all major carpet mills as a safe, effective process for carpet cleaning.
  13. Children and pets should be kept off any freshly cleaned carpet for 2 to 6 hours or until carpet is dry.

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